Welcome to the new Chabad Israeli Pushka Campaign.

Chabad Israeli can provide you with a kupat tzedaka (pushka), for your car or for your home / office. We'll deliver it to you, pick it up for you when you finish and bring you a replacement.

To order your pushka or to let us know when to pick up your used pushka, please click here or call our office at 905-709-7770



Why a pushka is important for you and your family...

The mitzvah of tzedaka has been a principle of the Jewish nation ever since the first Jew, Avraham Avinu. So too, the custom is using a kupat tzedaka, daily, is an ancient Jewish practice.

The Kupat Tzedaka gives a person the opportunity to fulfill this most important mitzvah, daily at least, for every time one places money into the kupa, this is part of fulfilling the biblical commandment of giving tzedaka and the mitzvah of ahavat Yisrael.

In addition to daily use of the kupat tzedaka, there are especially auspicious times to give tzedaka, such as friday before candle-lighting for Shabbat, on a birthday, a yahrtzeit and other special days in a Jews life. By giving tzedaka on days of joy or sorrow, we are giving strength to the essence of the Jewish soul, by giving to others in our times of need, we are expressing our commitment to the betterment of ourselves, our fellows and the world.

Having a kupat tzedaka in the home is more than just practical. It serves as a reminder for the household members to be less self-centered and to be more concerned with helping others. This message creates an atmosphere of positivity in one's home, especially amongst children. In addition to the kupat tzedaka which should be in every Jewish home (and preferably attached to the kitchen wall), The Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged children to have their own kupat tzedaka, in their own rooms, and be given the opportunity to give of their own money.

In light of the Rebbe's call that every home should have kupot tzedaka, we are pleased to provide you which two kupot, one for the home and another which has been made of size to be placed in the car or while travelling.

In the merit of fulfilling the mitzvah of tzedaka every day, may the words of Kind David come to fruition, as it says "May Hashem guard your going and your coming, from now and forever," Amen.