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THANK YOU!!! WE DID IT!! We raised $243,412 for Beth Chabad Israeli Community ! Thank you to our generous Matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

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This campaign is over.
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Update: 5:13pm

WOW. We are in awe of the tremendous outpour of support. You have given us the confidence to shoot for an even more ambitious goal. Thanks to additional support from our matchers, we now have just under 4 hours left to reach our new goal of $240,000!

The Campaign

For 30 HOURS ONLY every dollar YOU give to the Beth Chabad Israeli Community Centre will be matched by a group of extraordinary benefactors, to reach our goal of $180,000! Your donation is TRIPLED!! Thanks to our matchers, every dollar becomes three!!

We need YOU to give us life. Help us support the young and the needy of our community; people who rely on us throughout the year. Today – just for these 30 hours – we are the ones relying on YOU. Please make a donation now!

ידידים ובני קהילה

אנו ביממה של שותפות בעשיה קהילתית! הצטרפו נא אלינו!

תודות לנדיבים בקהילה שקיבלו על עצמם ויתרמו תרומה גדולה ומשמעותית אך מבקשים לראות את שותפות ומעורבות בני הקהילה והעיר. יחדיו נשיג את היעד 180 אלף דולר.

במשך 30 שעות הבאות כל דולר שתתרמו למרכז חב"ד לדוברי עברית יוכפל פי 3 – אתם תתרמו דולר והמרכז יקבל $3

או הכל או כלום!

אם לא השגנו את חלקנו - התורמים לא יתנו את חלקם!

אנו זקוקים לאויר וחמצן שתספקו לנו להמשך והרחבת הפעילות הקהילתית. נא תרמו בעין יפה ושתפו חברים בבקשה והזדמנות זו

תרמת – שמך יצורף להגרלה על כרטיס טיסה לישראל.
שיתפת חברים – שמך יצורף שנית להגרלה

We can do this!

Today you have the power to better the lives of our entire community!

The Chai Institute – the ‘life’ of the community - is an exciting, uplifting initiative that nurtures our community’s youth and inspires the younger generation to become the heart of the community, today and tomorrow.

Through the Chai Hebrew School and the Chai Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program our rabbis, staff, and volunteers carefully plan and implement meaningful programs to guide and instruct the younger generation in all aspects of Jewish and community life. They learn about giving to those in need through food parcel delivery; they increase in knowledge of their heritage, and they flourish and grow in the enriching, authentic bar/bat mitzvah studies that we offer.

Just as an example, over the past 2 years our youth have delivered 1500 packages to seniors & needy families, and plan to contribute to the betterment of the local community by engaging with isolated seniors and housebound individuals. Our goal is to continue to facilitate these outstanding initiatives, while expanding our youth programming significantly in the upcoming year. We need your help!

Community needs youth; and our youth need your support!

We need your help to continue our work in the community, making a measurable difference in the lives of others. The impact is great: Our Centre runs programs 6 days a week, supporting over 1000 people weekly!


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