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Ckids After School


Ckids After School is a child-centered, innovative educational and extra curriculum program where your child will learn Hebrew, Practice Krav Maga, explore Jewish life and holidays, learn computer coding, develop a pride in their Jewish identity and make long-lasting friendships. 

Our hands-on and experiential approach will give your child an excitement for learning and a deep appreciation for Judaism. Our teachers are not only committed to teaching; they are committed to learning alongside your child.

Our teaching philosophies and cross-curricular learning opportunities ensure that students fall in love with the wonder of discovery while solidifying their confidence and sense of self.

CKids After School is a contemporary learning center that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. We welcome you regardless of your religious background, level of observance or affiliation. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of our children, while emphasizing Jewish values of family, community, caring, joy, tradition and rituals.